Eastern Townships (English)

English-speaking community : Colourful and dynamic

The Eastern Townships offers a laid-back lifestyle where you can find a welcoming community, meaningful work, and a chance to focus on the important things in life.


Your agent hidden talents :

■■■■■■■■□□           Finding humour in most situations

■■■■■■■■■□           Consuming copious amounts of sugar

■■■■■■■□□□           Knowing the difference between left and right

■■□□□□□□□□           Controlling her facial expressions


Bethany isn’t a superheroine, but if she were, her superpower definitely wouldn’t be her sense of direction. She loves her region because it's so perfectly hygge. She’s definitely the best person to help you settle there! And when she isn’t helping young people, there is a good chance Bethany is eating cheese.

Want to know more?! Reach out to her!

You too can benefit from Bethany’s help, a person that is commonly described as a weird little creature.

The best of both worlds

Un territoire à découvrir

Don’t worry, you’re not missing out: While you’ll definitely find yourself close to the great outdoors, the Townships offers all the big-city must haves. From festivals, community groups, and a plethora of cultural experiences (not to mention gastronomic indulgences), the Townships gives you the advantages of living in a more rural setting without having to sacrifice everything you love about the big city.

More than just beautiful landscapes

Milieu de vie et territoires

Situated less than two hours from Montreal, sharing a border with the US, and with Sherbrooke at it’s heart, the Townships are perfectly located. This means that there are a lot of opportunities for those looking to kickstart their career. Whatever your career plan or business ideas might be, the Eastern Townships is the place to set it in motion.

Territoires de cette région

b a f d i h c e g
The most beautiful landscapes… in your backyard!

The Eastern Townships have a reputation for being a particularly gorgeous region. But more than that, it’s a place where everyone is welcome. You can find examples of the Townships’ rich English and indigenous heritages speckled across the territory which intermingle harmoniously with the French and diverse immigrant cultures now established in the region.

Style de vie

Style de vie

Eastern Townships (English) en chiffres

32 305
$500 to $700
Average rent for a 4 1/2 apartment
$282 849
Average price for a single-family home
preschool, elementary and secondary schools
Emplois récents

Accompagnateur.trice scolaire

Voir le poste 1 jours
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Computerized Maintenance System Specialist

Voir le poste 8 jours
Voir le poste

Infrastructure Analyst & Administrator

Voir le poste 8 jours
Voir le poste

Director of Research and Graduate Studies

Voir le poste 8 jours
Voir le poste

Coordinator of Accommodation, Events and Ancillary Services

Voir le poste 8 jours
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Tenure-Track Position – Assistant Professor – Department of Computer Science – Fall 2023

Voir le poste 8 jours
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Bookkeeper & Administrative Assistant

Voir le poste 15 jours
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Chef ou cheffe de chantiers de construction

Voir le poste 91 jours
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Special Projects Coordinator

Voir le poste 114 jours
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Infirmier.ère auxiliaire

Voir le poste 144 jours
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