Water, Fuels and Environmental Technician (non-commissioned member)

Employeur Forces armées canadiennes
Ville Sherbrooke
Horaire Temps plein
Type d'emploi Permanent
Domaine d'emploi Services environnementaux et dév. durable

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Résumé du poste

Water, Fuels and Environmental Technicians provide water supply, waste water treatment and environmental engineering support to operational units at home and abroad.

The Water, Fuels and Environmental Technician job is one of seven Construction Engineering positions that provide all construction, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering services to Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) operations. The primary responsibilities of the Water, Fuels and Environmental Technician are to:

Install, operate and maintain water treatment and supply systems
Install, operate and maintain waste water collection and treatment systems
Set up and monitor various environmental programs
Produce associated mechanical designs and specifications
Produce associated mechanical drawings
Conduct reconnaissance related to the above
Assist other Construction Engineering tradespersons

Estrie - Eastern Townships (English)


Eastern Townships (English)

315 Rue King Ouest 112
Sherbrooke , J1H 4G9

Exigences et conditions

Work environment

Water, Fuels and Environmental Technicians often work day or night and must deal with the challenges that come with varying environmental conditions. Water, Fuels and Environmental Technicians maintain their skills while employed at home units or on humanitarian and United Nations operational assignments.
Some of our featured occupations offer a signing bonus. To be eligible for a signing bonus, you must meet the specific criteria for the occupation. This criteria may include completion of academic or vocational training programs recognized by the CAF, or a combination of education, trade, and specific work experience; or be a former CAF member re-enrolling in the same occupation. Criteria may be different for each occupation. It is recommended that you speak to a recruiter who can help you evaluate your entitlement to a signing bonus.

3 168$ à 4 332$ par mois

Avantages sociaux

Medical, Dental, and Vision Care

You and your family will receive health and dental coverage throughout your career. If you enrol as a part-time member, you may also benefit from the medical and dental care during specified periods, depending on your duty status.


As a full-time member, you will start with 20 paid vacation days per year. These can normally be scheduled around training and operational requirements. The vacation time will increase throughout your career, to a maximum of 30 days. If you enrol as a part-time member, you will receive one paid vacation day for each 15 consecutive calendar days.

Maternity and Parental Leave

The CAF offers maternity and parental leave benefits to spend time with your newest family member with 93% of your normal salary.


Our pension plans provide you with peace of mind today and for years to come. Whether you are joining full time or part-time, you can rest assured that you can retire with a pension.

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) recognizes that education is the best investment an organization can make toward the development of its members and has a number of paid education plans for college, university and graduate-level programs. Learn more about our Paid Education programs.

A modernized training and education platform ensures soldiers receive the training they need at each step of their careers. Education within the CAF focuses not only on the military application of job specific roles, but also on marketable skills that can prepare a Member for life outside the CAF.

Many courses within the CAF are credit transferable to post-secondary institutions via a prior learning assessment (PLAR) out process. The same applies for the PLAR in process, where civilians with post-secondary accreditation can receive advanced standing upon joining the Forces.

Canadian Armed Forces members and Department of National Defence employees have access to the Defence Learning Network which houses technologically advanced professional development tools, courses and training.

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