IT Operations Manager

Employeur Sherweb Inc.
Horaire Temps plein
Type d'emploi Permanent
Domaine d'emploi Informatique
Télétravail possible Non

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Résumé du poste

Position: Full-time, permanent.

Start date: As soon as possible.

Here's what we do and why we do it.

Simply put, we will work together to simplify businesses' IT with Cloud technology so they can focus on what really matters, making people’s lives better. Discover how we do that here: .

Here's how you will contribute to the company’s success.

Our team goal is to fix our clients' complex technical IT issues. You will contribute to this goal by managing the priorities of the Incident management team as well as maintaining a good collaboration with other company organisations. Succeeding in this role involves meeting product and service performance levels. To do this, you will collaborate with your peers from Infrastructure, DEV, Customer Service, and others.

As part of your role you’ll make sure offered services are meeting Sherweb’s availability, stability, and performance high standards. You’ll be responsible for operation activity planification and organisation along with management of our various providers so that they meet Sherweb’s expectations.

Thanks to your incident management skills, Incidents will be handled in an active, dynamic and efficient way so that normal service level will be restored as fast as possible while communicating all necessary info to stakeholders. You will also take care of RCA report production as well as implementing all report recommendations.

Here's what your day-to-day will look like in this role.

Serve as the primary point of contact for your team from a technical and personnel management perspective.
Ensure good management of all team members: professional development, performance as well as managing team priorities and responsibilities.
Manage team priorities in line with business’ directives and needs.
Ensure the continuous improvement of our capacity management process and recommend strategies and directions according to ITIL best management practices for IT service centers.
Ensure the creation, optimization, and efficient use of processes under your team's responsibility.
Manage change management in your areas of responsibility.
Perform all other related duties based on the changing needs of the organization, the department and the role IT OPS Mgr.

Eastern Townships (English)


Eastern Townships (English)

Exigences et conditions

Here's what you need to have and master to get the job.

If you have at least half, you have a great chance to receive a call from us.

College diploma and/or university degree in computer sciences.
5-8 years’ experience in managing a technical team.
Strong planning and priority management skills.
Excellent incident management skills.
Very good understanding of ITIL service management framework.
Bilingualism (English/French) is essential.

Experience in the following will be considered an asset:

In-depth knowledge of MSFT Exchange and SharePoint systems.
In-depth knowledge of IT systems/network (Windows server, Linux, Security, Active Directory).
Good knowledge of virtualisation (Windows Hyper-V, VMware Hypervisor).
Good knowledge of ISO 27001 and SOC2 standards.

If you have these skills, you will fit right in with us.

Communication skills – Why? Because you will be expected to explain and vulgarize concepts by adapting the style and content of your messages to your audience (whether it’s internal clients, external clients or your teammates).
Organization and resourcefulness – Why? Because we don’t believe in micromanagement. You will need to figure out solutions on your own by using your skills, your knowledge and any relevant information you can get your hands on.
Problem-solving skills – Why? Because when you will face a problem, you will first analyze the information before identifying the possible causes. You will then explore and implement the most efficient and logical solutions.
Adaptability – Why? Because our industry evolves constantly. You will have to adjust your thinking and methods to better suit new or unplanned situations (whether it’s for your daily tasks or your working environment).

Avantages sociaux

Here's what you can expect from us. Shortcutting your journey to your aspirations is possible when you surround yourself early on with knowledgeable and genuine people. We will put you in charge of important responsibilities from the beginning so that you can build your professional reputation. We will also help you quickly identify your strengths to build a strong foundation for your potential. So, if you have a head full of ideas and a soul full of hopes, here the floor is yours. This is our team philosophy. True leaders raise, mentor and coach their people. They use their leadership and strategic thinking to create environments where autonomy, resourcefulness, collaboration and self-directed learning are central. We believe a good leader leads the way for her/his team toward clear and meaningful visions. We will provide you with the necessary latitude and tools to empower, reward and inspire your people. We also believe work should not be the only source of fulfilment. We will provide you with proper compensation, job security and schedule flexibility to help you balance all that matters in your life. So, if you have a head full of ideas and a soul full of hopes, here the floor is yours.

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Date limite pour postuler : 07 mai 2021

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